Early Release Tea Tree Face Lotion
$ 9.99

Early Release Tea Tree Face Lotion

I actually developed this for myself. I wanted a lightweight, non-pore-clogging face lotion that had tea tree oil to combat my adult acne problems. If you don't know why tea tree oil is supposed to be beneficial, look it up, because I can't actually make those claims per the cosmetic regulating body.

While the shelf life isn't as long as most of my products (6 months), this stuff works. I've been using the very first prototype for the past couple of months and it's moisturizing without being greasy. The tea tree oil does what it's supposed to do. And my face looks and feels great.

And since you guys in the fan club expressed so much interest, I've decided to make a small run and see if anyone else liked it. So, I'm only $2 for these early testers to recoup the cost of the pump bottle. In return, I'd like to know how well or poorly it works for you.

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