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Scent Profiles

Blackbeard - **The fragrance separates a little. Doesn't affect the smell or longevity, just the appearance.** Bringing you back to the Golden Age of Piracy and the Pirate's code Blackbeard epitomized. Now, while we certainly don't condone piracy, smelling like a pirate has never smelled this good! To create Blackbeard, we started with tobacco, then added some cherry, vanilla, patchouli, cloves, and other spices.

Boston Leather - **Had too many returns. Order a sample before committing if you aren't sure** Leather making was one of America's first industries. We set out to recreate the smell of leather Americana. Named after the Boston Leather District, we created a deep and classic leather scent. Top notes of suede dries down to tannin, cumin, & wood notes.

Rose – A singular rose scent. It smells of a deep red rose. The closest to rose absolute you’re going to find without buying rose absolute/rose otto.

True Lavender - While this is a solitary note, it is the king of lavender. Pure Bulgarian lavender essential oil gives it a complexity you won't find with the blended 40/42 commonly used when referring to lavender essential oil. Of course, that means it costs twice as much, but it is definitely worth it. The best lavender scent you can buy.