Signature Scent Cologne Spray EdP Strength 100 ml (Tobacco Vanilla)
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Signature Scent Cologne Spray EdP Strength 100 ml (Tobacco Vanilla)

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These signature scents are unique creations by Lee. They represent WSP's first foray into the world of fine fragrance. With no holds barred, we used the best ingredients. Essential oils and absolutes such as Haitian vetiver, black pepper, and tobacco absolute.

We believe in quality and value. Our colognes are EDP strength, and should last you all day. They come in a beautiful, laser engraved, glass atomizer.

This item is custom made and not returnable. Please order a sample if you are not sure you want the fragrance.


Tobacco Vanilla - While this scent shares the nom de guerre as Tom Ford's hit fragrance, other than the name, I took very little inspiration from Mr. Ford. The star of my fragrance is tobacco absolute. I spared no expense in making it the most prominent note. Then I constructed a vanilla heart with hints of cedar & sandalwood. Tonka bean, ambergris, & oakmoss round out the base notes. And finally, I gave it a top note of invigorating black pepper.

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