How to Impress a Date

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It’s summer, and love is in the air. If you are taking a special person out on a date, you want to leave a good impression. Whether it’s the first date or the hundredth, nothing can boost your ego more than impressing your date…and knowing it. Below are six tips you can use to impress your date and build your own self-confidence at the same time.

  1. Plan plan plan ahead: You would not believe how many dates I have gone on where the guy asks me ‘okay, now what do you want to do…’ ummmmmm I want YOU to plan the date! Keep in mind that if YOU ask someone out, YOU should do the planning. If you are more of the spontaneous kind, that is fine, but still consider planning at least one solid activity. This will eliminate any awkward time just waiting and trying to figure out what to do and will show your date that you actually value their time.
  2. Transportation: If you are picking your date up, make sure your car is clean. If you are just meeting your date somewhere, maybe you will want to take a little stop at the car wash to at least get the outside looking sharp. Nothing is a bigger turn-off then getting in a dates car and finding trash everywhere or finding that the car smells like old gym clothes and lunch from two weeks ago. Show your date that you can take care of yourself….and your things as well.
  3. Grooming: This may be obvious to some people-but-TAKE A SHOWER, brush your teeth, comb your hair-show some basic signs that you groom yourself. If you are feeling fancy, put on some cologne, maybe invest in a lip scrub so even your lips will look irresistible. Again, it’s all about showing your date that you can take care of yourself.
  4. Clothes: Picking out a good outfit goes beyond just choosing colors that go together. Pick out an outfit that will match the MOOD you are trying to achieve. Even if you are just going hiking or bowling, try to pick a nicer t-shirt. Have some clothes that fit you perfectly and make YOU feel like your best self. Feeling confident in what you are wearing will translate over to your attitude and leave a great impression.
  5. Listen and watch: Show your date that you care. If you are on a first date, you might be nervous and just be thinking about what you want to say next, but just take the time and hear what your date is saying. Put your phone DOWN and pay attention to the person in front of you. Watch for the body language of your date. If they are in an open position, it shows they are more interested in you. Your date may be just as nervous as you are-so act cool and calm and just be yourself…conversation will follow.
  6. Follow it up: This is for the people who are taking out a new date…make sure to follow up the date with a text a few days later if you enjoyed the date. Don’t depend on the other person to text you first and ask you out. If you enjoyed the date, make a move and try to get a second date.

If you aren’t really in the dating scene right now…that’s OKAY!!! Don’t force yourself to date because you feel pressured. Dating is all about having fun and getting to know a person. Be confident in YOU and show your date who you really are. Do you have any other tips for dating? Leave them in the comments below!

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